About Doro

D’oro keeps a clear aim which is to
“Create an exquisite accessory collection with a clear design aesthetic.”

Preksha Mehta Fashion Designer

When an idea emerges in the minds of passionate and creative people, you know they will try their best to transform that vision into a brand that will raise the bars for all the people in the market. This passionate and imaginative duo-Preksha Mehta and Dhaval Mehta used their mega minds together and came up with D'oro in 2015. The word D'oro has an Italian origin and is synonymous with 'Gold'.

Dhaval Mehta Business Developer

” D’oro keeps a clear aim which is to “Create an exquisite fashion accessory collection keeping in mind a clear design aesthetic.” Being highly motivated to combine the Old world charm with the trendy and contemporary, sets a strong goal to create a hub to inspire fashion. Quality & Luxury being the core attributes, D'oro aspires to bedazzle the new age shopper with its stylish Handmade Accessory collection. The Designer Portfolio Includes products as Conceptual  Handmade Jewellery, Wedding Trousseau Collection & Designer Leatherette Handbags.



Our squad consists of a few Creative Mega Minds that guide our passionate Product Managers as well our zealous Business Developers. The Operations Head and Marketing Head are fiery decision makers and make sure they bring the best of their skills on board for making D'oro the next big name! We have a vision for D'oro and have aligned our job duties and managerial functions in accordance with the goals we have set for ourselves. Every member of our team brings in his/her expertise, fresh thoughts and above all a positive attitude.


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